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Black Mischief

The island of Azania, east of Somaliland and west of the Gulf of Aden, straddles the equator. It is a hot, humid, bug-infested backwater inhabited by degenerate Arabs, cannibal blacks, venal Armenians, paranoid French, factuous English and unctuous Indians. A layer of Europeans floats uneasily on top.

Azania and its people are of course wholly fictitious, which gives the author enormous room for fun. It's a refreshing book to read, because it lampoons all parties equally. (By contrast most satire today sticks to approved and correct subjects.) Waugh is bound by no such rules.

"Satire the way it should be written. Free, candid, very funny. A fine interpretation by David Case." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)

Chapter 1 of: Black Mischief

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