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Legal Dogma*, acknowledgements and related stuff:

Text, graphics, HTML and any other fancy? programming or design? (that's pushing it) associated with the Decklin's Domain websites at , , or  is/are copyright 2001 to 2019 Decklin's Domain, all rights reserved,  with many exceptions as noted below.  Many photographs are copyright 2001 to 2019 Richard Whitwell and are used by permission.  We may well have missed a required acknowledgement or three, if so, please accept our sincere apologies ... contact us here if you spot any omissions or mistakes.  Assume NONE of the graphics or photographs are in the Public Domain - write to us if you want to use them, do not use them without written permission or acknowledgement and a link back to this site.

Decklin's Domain is a personal web-site reflecting the interests and whims of Decklin (The Twisted Dwarf) as he is known by a few dedicated players of DEMISE: Rise of the Ku'Tan and now DEMISE: Ascension.  The site(s) is/are currently/have been  hosted on Microsoft's bCentral USA, Loosefoot Hosting Canada (where ASP and PERL and CGI can be experimented with and often are.) and at Hostway, U.K.  None of these organizations have any responsibility for the content of this and associated sites and vice versa.  A bulletin board is also maintained at Yuku (formerly Ezboard), the same proviso applies.  Many thanks to Blue Knight,  Dogg, Lappen, Moroth, Sortiri and Spyfox also for their support and assistance in the early years, to JP, Gold Dragon and Bobmarco since we acquired Mordor and Demise, to the 300 or so users of the old board, the 1500 members of the current Demise and Ascension Forums and the four thousand + players of Demise: Ascension and Devil Whiskey.

Maintaining all of the above sites however, including the never-ending supply of "[Insert your own subject] for Dummies" books as well as various server and PC upgrades, exceed Decklin's allowance and so on the general pages a large number of affiliate links have appeared over time in hopes that eventually a balance may be achieved.  The downside of this (for you, the reader who hates commercials) is that they are unavoidable on many pages BUT we do not intentionally allow pop-ups.   Another downside for those of you who may see something of interest advertized from a 3rd party is that we have no responsibility for the merchants nor their treatment of you, the consumer, or for the quality of any goods you purchase.  Let the buyer beware! (I'd have said it in Latin but I only took French and German at school.)

The upside is that we have dealt with many of the companies and products that appear on this site (all in "Dungeon Tested Software" for example) and we DO want to hear of any bad experiences or other problems.

[ is our dedicated address for service :) ]

If there's something you would like to comment on feel free to write too.

* Couldn't resist the pictogram ... sorry

Games Pages Acknowledgements

Trade Marks or Word Marks:  References are made to game titles etc which may in themselves be trade or word marks (registered or unregistered).   Those include (but won't be limited to)  ~ 

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms,  TSR  
all are trademarks of TSR, Inc. a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Betrayal at Krondor, Return to Krondor are trademarks of Sierra Inc.

Construction Set
, Electronic Arts The Bard's Tale The Destiny Knight The Thief of Fate are trademarks of Electronic Arts

Horizons was a trademark of Artifact Entertainment LLC

Dragon Wars, Icewind Dale, Interplay,
are trademarks of Interplay Productions.
The Bard's Tale 1985-1998 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.
Dragon Wars 1989 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.
Stonekeep 1995 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.
Stonekeep programmed by Peter Oliphant.

Bane of the Cosmic Forge, Crusaders of the Dark Savant 1990 - 1998 1259190 Ontario Inc.
All rights reserved.
Wizardry is a registered trademark of 1259190 Ontario Inc.

Mordor: Depths of Dejenol. Mordor 2: Darkness Awakens, Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan, Demise: Ascension and Devil Whiskey are copyright Decklin's Domain, All Rights Reserved.

Music Pages Acknowledgements

Thanks for permission to prepare and use sound clips from published works  and to download and/or scan materials from web-sites, from  Elaine Dempsey, Wendy DeWitt, Noelle Hampton  Eugene Huggins & Cole Tate

Photographs of Cole Tate by Lifesignsphoto reproduced with permission.

The Parlour Acknowledgements

Many people and institutions have contributed to this portion of the site, not least of all are Brookhaven National Laboratory for permission to use their original photographs;  Anne Marie Powell and Mark Poppen for the original poetry and writings they have submitted, the late Stefanie Gold (we miss you) for permission to publish her original fantasy artwork and many other web-people for all kinds of interesting "stuff".

Wotz New Acknowledgements

First of all, though they are no longer active, thanks to Moreover for the news feeds (providing similar services on the Games and Music floors) and to those people whose emails I have sometimes just posted wholesale on the site.

Erorrs and Ommissions

The site has them a'plenty we will do our best to fix any you point out.  Hmmm .... where's the spellchecker?

Audiobooks Notes

Decklin's Domain is a licensed publisher of the classic Worldtainment Audiobooks from Voice Factory International.  The books were recorded at the Worldtainment studios in New York.  While most if not all of the written word of the Classics are no longer subject to Copyright, the production of the recorded work by Worldtainment clearly has rights , and reserves them, as publisher and producer.

Privacy Policy

We do collect email addresses and other data in the course of selling audiobooks, comics, games etc.   Our game forums require registration as well.  We do not however sell or make available any of these addresses to any 3rd parties.  Note that all businesses who use the PayPal shopping cart receive email address in the course of business transactions. Similar situations exist if you purchase from Amazon, Bonanzle, eBay, e-Junkie, FaceBook or Shopify should we choose to sell product on these sites.

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